The Pay Gap


How much less are working moms paid each year than dads? $15,300 less, according to the National Women’s Law Center. This wage gap impacts a mom’s finances today and down the road when she goes to collect social security and use retirement savings. When it comes to fair compensation for their work, moms don’t deserve anything less.

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Curated by NWLC

Curated by NWLC

An organization fighting for gender justice in the courts, in public policy and in our society.

“Even before COVID-19, millions of mothers across the country lived on the edge of a fiscal cliff, struggling to survive paycheck to paycheck. Now, lost earnings due to the wage gap are intensifying the repercussions of the pandemic on mothers—especially mothers of color—and robbing them of a financial cushion when they need it most. If we’ve learned anything in the last year, it is this: the work moms do in this country—paid and unpaid—is essential to our families and our economy. We need urgent action to bolster our crumbling child care system, increase the minimum wage, ensure access to paid leave, and address equal pay.”


“I think dads are praised when they express that they are caregiving, or need to caregive. They seem to always get an applause simply by just showing up. With women, it’s either an expectation that we step in to take on the full role, or we’re looked at like we’re too distracted to be capable of doing anything else.”

“It’s a tale as old as time. Women have long suffered in their careers because of [caring for their families].”