The Lost Job


The median income of a working mom last year was $36,000. The moms who lost their jobs were suddenly unable to feed their kids or pay for health care. Moms need retraining programs, as well as financial support for losing paychecks to do critical caregiving work. Moms should be moms—not America’s safety net.

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Curated by Scary Mommy

Curated by Scary Mommy

A community of women supporting each other through acceptance, empowerment, and the shared experience of motherhood.

“Working moms lost millions of jobs this year, in part because the responsibility to keep our kids healthy and homes running rests overwhelmingly on our shoulders—whether we’re single parents or in two parent households. The “invisible load” of motherhood has never been more visible. Parents are the backbone of the American economy, and we simply can’t ignore the support we need to make working and parenting feasible—via flexible working arrangements, access to child care, and financial resources.”


“I lost half a year of work and had to put my career on pause…I was launching a business but nothing can happen work-wise if you don’t have childcare.”

“I’m a mother from New Jersey whose life was changed completely by the pandemic. My employer sold my office to a bigger company which laid off most of their previous employees. I was offered a job, but turned it away due to multiple in-office COVID cases. I sacrificed a job I enjoyed and prioritized motherhood and safety.”