The Paid Leave


Leaving the workforce to care for family takes a toll: A $9,578 toll for working adults after twelve weeks, according to the Center for American Progress. Having a baby is hard enough without losing your income too. Our country talks a lot about family values but doesn’t actually value families. Paid leave is how America can put its money where its mouth is.

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Curated by PL+US

Curated by PL+US

The national campaign to win paid family and medical leave by 2022.

Paid Leave for All

Organizations working together to win federal paid family and medical leave for all working people.

“It’s been a brutal year for so many of us—but let’s be honest, it’s been especially devastating for women and mothers in this country. Celebrating moms isn’t going to cut it at this point. Let’s use this moment to make a change and show we actually value parenthood as the job that it is. And moms need paid leave for themselves and their families, because we all need care and no one should have to choose between their families and their paychecks. It’s time for paid leave for all”


“The beginning of the pandemic represented loss for me: Loss of my sweet father who was in a nursing home, loss of clients as I’m a live event producer and loss of living in my native hometown of New York City because I needed to make life more affordable as a single working mom. Everything my son and I knew as our reality had to change.”

“I went unpaid from March to August. Those lost wages would have helped my family and also allowed me to continue to pay off my student loans.”