The Mental Stress


Moms are paying a steep mental health price for taking on so many added burdens this year. Keeping a family fed, clothed, educated and healthy in a pandemic would push anyone to the breaking point. And yet moms have taken on so much more and kept going. According to Self Inc, mental health support costs $287 per month, or about $3,500 a year. Our country’s caregivers are in crisis—we should care for them like they care for us.

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Curated by Grace Meng

Curated by Grace Meng

“Moms throughout America are screaming out for help. Moms—especially moms of color—have been pushed to the brink of economic, social, and emotional collapse due to this pandemic. The unprecedented burdens of child care, work and remote learning—on top of the social isolation—have strained the mental and emotional health of mothers. As a mom of two young boys, this issue is especially personal to me. Moms everywhere are saying: Something has to give before something ultimately breaks.”


“I felt extreme stress worrying about not only my own family, but many tribal communities access to PPE, testing, medicines and now recovery.”

“I had to learn to homeschool my child while carrying the burden of being an essential worker who could potentially be exposed to COVID. The pandemic definitely tested and affected my physical, mental and emotional health.”