The Unpaid Work


What if America told men they’d get paid in daisies once a year? Millions of women either lost their jobs or gave up paying jobs to do billions in unpaid labor supporting others last year. The value of those lost wages was $800 billion globally, according to Oxfam. Sure, moms love flowers…but they can’t take bouquets to the bank.

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Curated by Oxfam

Curated by Oxfam

A global organization working to end the injustice of poverty.

“Care needs have spiked during the pandemic, and women—who are the shock absorbers of society—have stepped in to fill the gap at the expense of their own of economic and emotional well-being,” said Mara Bolis, Associate Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment at Oxfam America. “Across the world, women in the formal sector lost $800 billion last year due to lost jobs and stepping out of the workforce to care for children, the sick and elderly. This year for Mother’s Day, we are asking for an economic recovery plan that works for moms and invests in our nation’s care infrastructure so that mothers don’t have to continue to serve as society’s safety net.”


“I still feel like the brunt of taking care of the children has fallen on the moms.”

“As odd as it sounds, I have had to neglect my children to keep my job that feeds them. I’m in the house all day with them, but I cannot give them the attention they need because there is no separation of work & home.”

“Though moms have always been expected to do this, the pandemic failures made it clear to others how there is just no support.”