The Lack of Childcare


You can’t work if your childcare doesn’t work. But Congress still doesn’t get it. Childcare that eats up a large portion of your paycheck ($13,000 on avg. according to the Economic Policy Institute) isn’t working, especially for the 3 in 10 single moms living below the poverty line. Maybe it’s time some of those in Congress tried working for a change.

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Curated by Ai-jen Poo

Curated by Ai-jen Poo

Co-founder of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, working to bring dignity and fairness to home care workers.

“Child care should be universally accessible and affordable to all families, and child care workers must be able to earn living wages and be treated with dignity and respect. For far too long, those in power have devalued caregiving and allowed for women, especially women of color, to be forced out of the workforce and care workers to be underpaid. Parents and care workers are doing the crucial and challenging work of nurturing the potential of future generations. As a nation, if we’re to realize our potential, they must be supported by our public policy, our systems and a culture that values care.”


“I was forced to choose to provide for our livelihood or provide a stable education for my child—how could anyone choose between the two?”

“My partner and I struggled with childcare during the pandemic and balancing full time jobs…I ended up having to sacrifice my work in order to be there for my kids.”