Angie S, Ohio, Mom of 2

“I lost half a year of work and had to put my career on pause…I was launching a business but nothing can happen work-wise if you don’t have childcare.”

Ingred A, California, Mom of 4

“My partner and I struggled with childcare during the pandemic and balancing full time jobs…I ended up having to sacrifice my work in order to be there for my kids.”

Katy D, New York, Mom of 2

“Though moms have always been expected to do this, the pandemic failures made it clear to others how there is just no support.”

Kamila N, New York, Mom of 2

“As odd as it sounds, I have had to neglect my children to keep my job that feeds them. I’m in the house all day with them, but I cannot give them the attention they need because there is no separation of work & home.”

Rachel E, Colorado, Mom of 2

“I still feel like the brunt of taking care of the children has fallen on the moms.”