Amy Schumer

“The lack of quality, affordable childcare for every mom in this country is a national crisis. When a family can’t afford child care, the responsibility to take on the role of caregiver usually falls to the mom. We need to change this broken system now.”

Reshma Saujani

“What impacts our mental health isn’t just the added stress or the sleepless nights. It’s that even though people finally see everything we do, they still don’t value it. Moms don’t get any respect – that’s what needs to change. Culture needs to change.”

Adrianne W, Tennessee, Mom of 1

“I think dads are praised when they express that they are caregiving, or need to caregive. They seem to always get an applause simply by just showing up. With women, it’s either an expectation that we step in to take on the full role, or we’re looked at like we’re too distracted to be capable of doing anything else.”

Rebecca O, Nevada, Mom of 1

“I was forced to choose to provide for our livelihood or provide a stable education for my child—how could anyone choose between the two?”

Laura D, New York, Mom of 1

“I had to learn to homeschool my child while carrying the burden of being an essential worker who could potentially be exposed to COVID. The pandemic definitely tested and affected my physical, mental and emotional health.”

Sarah E, South Dakota, Mom of 2

“I felt extreme stress worrying about not only my own family, but many tribal communities access to PPE, testing, medicines and now recovery.”

Sara S, Minnesota Mom of 1

“I went unpaid from March to August. Those lost wages would have helped my family and also allowed me to continue to pay off my student loans.”

Rachel G, Florida, Mom of 1

“The beginning of the pandemic represented loss for me: Loss of my sweet father who was in a nursing home, loss of clients as I’m a live event producer and loss of living in my native hometown of New York City because I needed to make life more affordable as a single working mom. Everything my son and I knew as our reality had to change.”

Leslie L, New Jersey, Mom of 1

“It’s a tale as old as time. Women have long suffered in their careers because of [caring for their families].”

Catalina G, New Jersey, Mom of 1

“I’m a mother from New Jersey whose life was changed completely by the pandemic. My employer sold my office to a bigger company which laid off most of their previous employees. I was offered a job, but turned it away due to multiple in-office COVID cases. I sacrificed a job I enjoyed and prioritized motherhood and safety.”